Gamers are notorious for being passionate about their favorite games, bringing it into all aspects of their lives, from wearing costumes during cosplays to collecting memorabilia. Dreams are not even exempt, with me admittedly dreaming quite regularly about fave games during the height of my gaming days back in college. With gamers more than willing to let their passion for games cross boundaries, it isn’t surprising at all if you’re into tweaking your social accounts to reflect your love of gaming.

A good way to spice up your twitter page and tell the world at the same time just how much you like your games is by customizing your Twitter background using InstaBG’s free service. InstaBGuses Instagram photos (can be your photos or everyone’s public photos) to make a collage about any category or topic you like, including gaming-related topics such as console and The Sims.

As you see above, the backgrounds differ in tile sizes, spacing between tiles, colors of the spaces, and the images themselves. You can change all these and more easily on InstaBG and choose whichever option yields the collage that suits your taste. You can always preview the collage before posting it as your Twitter background so you don’t have to worry about getting an ugly background.

If you get bored easily, you can also set InstaBG to automatically update you Twitter background everyday so that the images on the collage will change without you having to anything.