Thanks to recent advances in technology, the visuals involved in today’s video games are better than ever before. Crisp, clear images allow gamers to feel like they have actually stepped into another world. However, when a video game ups its standards for its visuals, it must follow suit with other aspects of gaming; otherwise, the result is a disjointed, awkward experience for the player.

Although many games have done an excellent job improving visual formatting, some focused solely on this aspect of gaming to the detriment of areas such as the soundtrack and voice over acting. Sound constitutes an important part of any gaming experience, setting the mood for the player and determining if the game has a playful, sinister or dramatic feel. Even a game with the very best visuals would be very boring indeed if it lacked a quality voice over.

The benefits of quality voice acting are many, but the following are just a few of the biggest advantages you will gain by hiring talented voice actors:

Connection with the Gaming Audience

Gaming used to be a solitary activity, but now, it’s all about building connections with the greater community. This rings true whether a game is played by multiple people in the same space, by multiple people across a virtual network, or by a single gamer sitting by him or herself. In the latter case, the voice over actor needs to establish some sort of rapport with the player; otherwise that person will wind up feeling isolated and could quickly lose interest in the game. A friendly voice can accomplish this, but that friendly voice needs enough of an edge to make a character come alive.

Better Narratives

Many role-playing games (RPGs) involve quite a bit of narration. As in a book or movie, this narration may be needed to set up the tone of the game or in order to better establish important characters. As important as video game narration may be, it is easily the most dreaded portion of the game for most players because it can be completely wrong so frequently. Fortunately, you can turn your video game’s narrative from dull to exciting with the use of the right voice! Such a voice should have enough character to keep players entertained while also being easy to understand for gamers from a wide array of backgrounds.

Concise Speakers

Today’s gamers like to have voice over actors and narrators, but they don’t want the vocals to complete overtake the rest of the game. Thus, the ideal voice actor will understand how to get the message across in a clear and concise manner. Finding such a voice actor will eliminate those wordy description sessions that your players so dread.

Voice acting remains an integral part of the gaming experience. If you want to make the most of the awe-inspiring visuals you have worked so hard to develop, you need a voice actor capable of playing the part!